Farm Fresh RI Markets
Fresh food from 90 family farms and producers
to thousands of Rhode Island families.
Who's Supporting Fresh for All
  • Wholesome Wave
  • Blue Cross Blue Shield
  • Citizens Bank
  • June Rockwell Levy Foundation
  • The Rhode Island Foundation
  • Frederick C. Tanner Memorial Fund
  • City of Providence
  • Feinstein Foundation
  • Bank RI
  • 83 generous individuals
  • Contribute to the Fresh for All Fund!
The Fresh for All Fund Incentivizing Fresh, Healthy Food
Watering Can
  • 100% to low-income families to make fruits and vegetables more affordable
  • 100% to local farmers to grow for and sell to underserved communities
  • Strengthens farmers markets in low-income neighborhoods
  • Empowers parents to raise a new generation of veggie lovers
  • Leverages federal SNAP dollars to reduce the prevalence of obesity and diet-related disease
  • Invests federal SNAP dollars into the local economy
SNAP Nutrition Incentives

a 40% boost in produce buying power at the farmers market with your EBT card

Healthy Foods, Healthy Families

at-market nutrition education for young families, with $10 in fruits & veggies for participants

Healthy Servings for Seniors

nutrition education for seniors, with $15 in fruits & veggies for participants

Fruit & Vegetable Prescriptions

clinic for families with young children at risk for diet-related disease, with $1 of fruits & veggies per family member per day

SNAP spending at RI Farmers Markets by month

The Big Picture

The Fresh for All Fund is part of a nationwide initiative to model and measure the impact of nutrition incentives. The goal is to foster cost-saving, socially beneficial innovations in public health and fresh food access. Fruits and vegetables cost more than junk food, but much less than treating and medicating diet-related diseases. Currently, the Fresh for All Fund relies on private donations, and results have consistently demonstrated increases in fruit and veggie consumptions in low-income communities most at-risk for obesity and diabetes. With similar models running at over 200 markets in 25+ states, there is growing support for federal legislation providing nutrition incentives for fresh fruits and veggies. We're excited that low-income Rhode Islanders can benefit early on from these new and innovative ways of increasing fresh food access.


Addressing disparities in fresh food access requires more than just opening up a farmers market in a low-income area. The Fresh for All Fund helps low-income Rhode Islanders afford to choose high quality fresh foods through a variety of incentives. These incentives bring people to the farmers market. Some customers are already regulars and some will soon become regulars. In return, farmers and even some urban gardeners are growing acres of produce for markets in these low-income areas. The Fresh for All Fund helps empower Rhode Islanders both to eat well and to grow food for those in need by nurturing a culture of fresh food in communities and homes across the state.

14 farmers markets and for the first time in
Newport, Middletown and West Warwick.
$60,000 in Bonus Bucks for local fruits & veggies.
With new sites and the challenging economic climate, Bonus Bucks continues to provide hundreds of families with greater access to fresh local fruits and veggies.
1,400 families & seniors buying produce.
52 farmers participating.

10 farmers markets in Pawtucket, Providence and Woonsocket — Rhode Island's "core cities".
$50,000 in Bonus Bucks for local fruits & veggies.
1,300 families & seniors buying produce.
38 farmers participating.

8 farmers markets.
$30,000 in Bonus Bucks for local fruits & veggies.
700 families & seniors buying produce.
In March, SNAP Nutrition Incentives switched from a $10 maximum match to a 40% unlimited match. The thinking behind the switch was to better leverage the limited dollars in the Fund and to create a consistent boost in buying power that makes fruits and veggies more affordable.

8 farmers markets.
$15,000 in Bonus Bucks for local fruits & veggies.
The Fresh for All Fund begins! Working with Wholesome Wave, we implemented SNAP Nutrition Incentives, providing up to a $20 match for fresh fruits and veggies. There was enthusiastic response resulting in 800% growth in SNAP spending at farmers markets demand. We switched to a $10 match to maximize the limited funds.