Farm / Producer What's Growing Distribution Town
Crabapple Farm Fruit, Vegetables, Herbs, Dairy + Eggs, Meat, Nursery + Flowers, Grains + Feeds, Dry Goods, Fiber, Breeding Stock
Farmers Markets, Farm Stand, CSA Chesterfield
6 mi
Long Plain Farm Fruit, Vegetables, Specialty, Dry Goods Delivery, Pickup, Farm Stand, Schools, Wholesale Whately
11 mi
Deepening Roots Farm Vegetables, Herbs, Dry Goods
Delivery, Pickup, river valley market, atkins, all things local, green fields co-op, squash trucking, Restaurants, Schools, Wholesale Amherst
17 mi
Book & Plow Farm Fruit, Vegetables, Herbs, Honey + Maple, Meat, Grains + Feeds, Dry Goods
integrated pest mgmt
Delivery, Pickup, CSA, Restaurants, Schools Amherst
17 mi
Many Hands Farm Corps Fruit, Vegetables, Herbs, Honey + Maple, Dry Goods
CSA, Restaurants Amherst
18 mi
Wheatberry Bakery & Cafe Grains + Feeds, Dry Goods
CSA Amherst
21 mi
Pioneer Valley Heritage Grains Grains + Feeds, Dry Goods CSA Shutesbury
21 mi
Upinngil Fruit, Vegetables, Herbs, Honey + Maple, Dairy + Eggs, Meat, Nursery + Flowers, Grains + Feeds, Spreads, Specialty, Baked Goods, Dry Goods Farmers Markets, Farm Stand, PYO, CSA Gill
22 mi
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