North End Action Team
Market Manager: Bobbye Peterson
(860) 346-4845, email
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Middletown / North End Farmers Market

Friday: 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM
June 14 to October 25, 2013
Corner of Liberty St. and Main St.
575 Main Street

Who's at this market Show vendors on map

Beckett Farm
Glastonbury, CT

Cecarelli Farm
Northford, CT

Chaplin Farms
Chaplin, CT

George Hall Farm
Simsbury, CT

Gotta's Farm
Portland, CT

Rose's Berry Farm

Rose's Berry Farm
South Glastonbury, CT

Foods at the Market*

Though every season is unique, we use our Harvest Calendar and information about what each vendor produces to provide a good guess as to what will be available at the market each week. But we don't have details on which farmers come to this market. If you do, let us know.