Market Manager: Janice Warren
(860) 292-1796, email
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East Windsor Farmers Market

Sunday: 11:00 AM to 2:00 PM
June 29 to September 28, 2014

Next open: Sunday, September 21, 2014 what to expect?

Connecticut Trolley Museum
58 North Road
East Windsor
A bit about the East Windsor Farmers Market
Wee currently have six farm participants with fruit, vegetables and meats all locally grown. We also have a bakery, lunch wagon, olive oil and vinegar producer and other locally made products.

Who's at this market Show vendors on map

George Hall Farm
Simsbury, CT

Peter Draghi Farm
East Windsor, CT

Winlox Farm
Windsor Locks, CT

This Week at the Market*

This is our guess based on our Harvest Calendar and information about what each vendor produces. Every season is unique.


ApplesPeter Draghi FarmRaspberriesPeter Draghi Farm


ArugulaGeorge Hall FarmBeetsGeorge Hall FarmBroccoliGeorge Hall FarmBrussel sproutsGeorge Hall FarmCabbageGeorge Hall FarmCarrotsGeorge Hall FarmCauliflowerGeorge Hall FarmCollardsGeorge Hall FarmCornGeorge Hall Farm
Winlox Farm
CucumbersGeorge Hall FarmEggplantGeorge Hall FarmGarlicGeorge Hall FarmGreen beansWinlox FarmKaleGeorge Hall FarmLeeksGeorge Hall FarmLettuceGeorge Hall FarmOnionsGeorge Hall FarmPeppersGeorge Hall FarmPotatoesGeorge Hall FarmPumpkinsGeorge Hall FarmRadishesGeorge Hall FarmSalad greensGeorge Hall FarmScallionsGeorge Hall FarmSpinachGeorge Hall FarmSummer squashGeorge Hall Farm
Winlox Farm
Sweet potatoesGeorge Hall FarmSwiss chardGeorge Hall FarmTomatoesGeorge Hall Farm
Peter Draghi Farm
Winlox Farm
Tomatoes (cherry)George Hall FarmTurnipsGeorge Hall FarmWinter squashGeorge Hall FarmZucchiniGeorge Hall Farm
Winlox Farm


CilantroGeorge Hall FarmFennelGeorge Hall FarmParsleyGeorge Hall Farm

Dairy + Eggs

EggsGeorge Hall Farm


Apple ciderPeter Draghi Farm

At Other Points in the Season You May Also Find


BlackberriesPeter Draghi FarmBlueberriesPeter Draghi FarmNectarinesPeter Draghi FarmPlumsPeter Draghi FarmStrawberriesGeorge Hall Farm