Market Manager: G Silver
(617) 225-2440, email
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Cambridge / Kendall Square Farmers Market

Thursday: 11:00 AM to 2:00 PM
June 5 to October 9, 2014

Next open: Thursday, September 25, 2014 what to expect?

Kendall Square
510 Kendall St.
A bit about the Cambridge / Kendall Square Farmers Market
Misty Brook Farm - Organic vegetables, pork, beef, veal, dry beans, corn meal, flour, and marinara sauce
Goodies - Cookies, brownies, whoopie pies
Culinary Cruiser - Kombucha, Ocean Ave Pops
Flora - Sandwiches, salads, fruit crisps
Cow & Crumb - Cookies, granola, roasted candied nuts
Lanni Orchards - Fruits and vegetables
Swiss Bakers - Breads and pastries
Follow the Honey - New England raw honey, beeswax candles, homemade herbal salves
Fastachi - Nut mixes and nut butters
Apex Orchards - Fruit, honey, apple cider (beginning July)
Seta's Mediterranean - Mediterranean prepared foods
Violette Gluten Free - Gluten free breads, cakes, pies, tarts, cookies
7ate9 Cheesecake - Cheesecake (1st and 3rd Thursday of every month)
Turtle Creek Winery - Wine

Who's at this market Show vendors on map

Apex Orchards
Shelburne, MA

Cow & Crumb Baking Co.

Cow & Crumb Baking Co.
Cambridge, MA

Fastachi Nuts
Watertown, MA

Lanni Orchards Inc.

Lanni Orchards Inc.
Lunenburg, MA

Seta’s Mediterranean Foods
West Newton, MA

Swiss Bakers
Reading, MA

Turtle Creek Winery
Lincoln, MA

This Week at the Market*

This is our guess based on our Harvest Calendar and information about what each vendor produces. Every season is unique.


ApplesApex Orchards
Lanni Orchards Inc.
Grapes (eating)Apex Orchards
Lanni Orchards Inc.
PeachesApex Orchards
Lanni Orchards Inc.
RaspberriesLanni Orchards Inc.


BeetsLanni Orchards Inc.Bok choiLanni Orchards Inc.BroccoliLanni Orchards Inc.CabbageLanni Orchards Inc.CornLanni Orchards Inc.CucumbersLanni Orchards Inc.EggplantLanni Orchards Inc.GourdsLanni Orchards Inc.Green beansLanni Orchards Inc.KaleLanni Orchards Inc.LeeksLanni Orchards Inc.LettuceLanni Orchards Inc.OnionsLanni Orchards Inc.PeppersLanni Orchards Inc.PumpkinsApex Orchards
Lanni Orchards Inc.
RhubarbLanni Orchards Inc.ScallionsLanni Orchards Inc.Summer squashLanni Orchards Inc.Swiss chardLanni Orchards Inc.TomatoesLanni Orchards Inc.Winter squashLanni Orchards Inc.ZucchiniLanni Orchards Inc.


BasilLanni Orchards Inc.ChivesLanni Orchards Inc.CilantroLanni Orchards Inc.DillLanni Orchards Inc.FennelLanni Orchards Inc.MarjoramLanni Orchards Inc.MintLanni Orchards Inc.OreganoLanni Orchards Inc.ParsleyLanni Orchards Inc.RosemaryLanni Orchards Inc.SageLanni Orchards Inc.ThymeLanni Orchards Inc.

Honey + Maple

HoneyApex Orchards


Apple ciderLanni Orchards Inc.


DipsSeta’s Mediterranean Foods


Cider vinegarApex OrchardsRoasted nutsFastachi Nuts

Baked Goods

BreadSwiss BakersCookies + PastriesCow & Crumb Baking Co.
Swiss Bakers
GranolaCow & Crumb Baking Co.

At Other Points in the Season You May Also Find


ApricotsApex OrchardsBlackberriesLanni Orchards Inc.BlueberriesApex Orchards
Lanni Orchards Inc.
FigsLanni Orchards Inc.NectarinesApex Orchards
Lanni Orchards Inc.
PearsApex Orchards
Lanni Orchards Inc.
PlumsLanni Orchards Inc.StrawberriesLanni Orchards Inc.


AsparagusLanni Orchards Inc.Peas (snap)Lanni Orchards Inc.


LemongrassLanni Orchards Inc.