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Community Supported Agriculture
  • Summer, Fall
    Wednesday pickup:
    195 Western Ave
    Sherborn, MA 01770
    Call: (508) 545-1380 x114
    E-mail: jdeelo@silverwoodorganicfarm.com
    CSA Manager(s): Jessie Deelo, Jonathan Martinez
    Silverwood Organic Farm is currently accepting orders for In-Season Family Shares and Individual shares for the 2011 farm season beginning in June with weekly pick-ups through October. Shares for the 2011 Winter Program beginning in November are also available for purchase online.

Silverwood Organic Farm in Sherborn, MA organic certified

Founded in 2009, Silverwood Organic Farm is a 100 acre farm run by Jonathan Hodson-Walker, Lisa Hodson-Walker.
195 Western Ave
Sherborn, MA

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1 miles from Sherborn, MA 01770
(508) 545-1380 x111
Fax (508) 651-9590

E-mail jhw@silverwood-farm.com preferred

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A little about Silverwood Organic Farm
Silverwood Organic Farm is situated on over 100 acres of owned and leased land in Sherborn, Massachusetts - a small town in the western suburbs of Boston. The fields are historic Massachusetts farm land and the Farm continues a tradition of providing for the surrounding community that dates back over 300 years.

The mission of Silverwood Organic Farm is to provide locally and sustainably grown organic crops using production techniques that are respectful of the environment and that naturally replenish soil nutrients. The Farm's customers can connect directly with the land and farmers that are growing a vital element of the food supply, and become actively involved in building an important community resource.





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