The Food Project's Dorchester Farms
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The Food Project's Dorchester Farms

The Food Project's Dorchester Farms in Boston, MA

Founded in 1995, The Food Project's Dorchester Farms is a 2 acre farm run by Jess Liborio.
555 Dudley St.
Boston, MA

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1 miles from Boston, MA 02125
(617) 442-1322 preferred
Fax (617) 442-7918


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A little about The Food Project's Dorchester Farms
In Boston, we grow on 3 pieces of land in the city's Dudley neighborhood and manage a rooftop production garden at the Boston Medical Center. The Dudley neighborhood pieces are all within a few blocks of each other and of our urban office. West Cottage is our largest urban site at 1.4 acres. On Langdon Street, we grow on .6 acres. Our Albion site is 3,000 square feet and the Rooftop Garden covers 6,000 square feet. Operation of these sites is made possible through continuing partnerships with the City of Boston, the Dudley Street Neighborhood Initiative (DSNI), community residents and the Boston Area Health Education Center (BAHEC).




Bold foods are in season now according to our Harvest Calendar. Call to find out exact availability. Every farm and every season are unique. Most farms are also residences. Unless Farmstand or Pick Your Own hours are noted, please be respectful and call ahead before going to the farm.

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