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  1. Crabapple Farm Chesterfield
  2. Bare Roots Chesterfield
  3. Bridgmont Farm Westhampton
  4. Joe's Farm Williamsburg
  5. Justamere Tree Farm Worthington
  6. Intervale Farm Westhampton
  7. Godard's Red Hen Farm Florence
  8. Taproot Commons Farm Cummington
  9. Valley View Farm Haydenville
  10. Mayval Farm Westhampton
  11. Outlook Farm Westhampton
  12. Kinne Brook Farm Worthington
  13. Vollinger Farm Florence
  14. Wild Rose Farm Florence
  15. Chicoine Family Farm Easthampton
  16. Left Field Farm Middlefield
  17. Park Hill Orchard Easthampton
  18. White House Farm Southampton
  19. Ravenwold Greenhouses Florence
  20. Manda Farm Plainfield

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CSACommunity Supported Agriculture (CSA)
  1. Crabapple Farm Chesterfield
  2. Mycoterra Farm Westhampton
  3. Bridgmont Farm Westhampton
  4. Twin Maples Farm Williamsburg
  5. Intervale Farm Westhampton
  6. Taproot Commons Farm Cummington
  7. Gray Dog's Farm Huntington
  8. Sawyer Farm Worthington
  9. Sawmill Farm Northampton
  10. Crimson & Clover Farm At The Northampton Community Farm Florence
  11. Sawmill Farm Florence
  12. Ravenwold Greenhouses Florence
  13. Greens Treat CSA Northampton

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